PRIME Research Brief on qualitative case study methodology

Author: Giel Ton – LEI Wageningen UR

To gain insights in the effectiveness of CBI and PUM activities, we use qualitative research to identify the processes and dynamics that take place during and after the support trajectory and which influence the effectiveness of the support activities. This qualitative research will give us a better understanding of the context in which the interventions take place and an understanding of the characteristics of the support in the particular micro-context. Case studies thus help us to explore the mechanisms underlying the observed.

Another important question in the PRIME research is if and how the support provided to certain SMEs might affect other SMEs, both negatively and positively. Indirect effects, along with positive and negative externalities, will be identified. The case studies provide an opportunity to identify these types of spillovers by interviewing not only the supported firms but by also reflecting on the dynamics in the sector with unsuported firms or sector experts.

Conceptual framework case studies

Download pdf: PRIME Research Brief 4 – Qualitative case study methodology

Dowmoad pdf: PRIME Research Brief 7 – Conceptual framework for the case studies


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