PRIME Newsletter 2017 – Q1 & Q2

This year data collection for the different case studies is being finalised and efforts are made to bring the collected evidence on the impact of the CBI and PUM support together in several research outputs that will shed light on … read more »

PRIME newsletter 2016 – Q3 & Q4

Download pdf: PRIME Newsletter 2016_Q3 & Q4 This semester PRIME worked especially on data collected with the online survey in PUM clients, which took place between September-October 2016. We also prepared the ground for further incorporating the data collection tools … read more »

Kamerbrief over aanbieding evaluatierapport PUM Senior Experts programma 2012-2015

Minister Ploumen (Minister voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) biedt de Tweede Kamer de evaluatie aan van het PUM Netherlands Senior Experts programma (PUM). De evaluatie is uitgevoerd door de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en beslaat de periode 2012-2015. De valuatie heeft … read more »

Glossary of terms used in PRIME

To harmonise the working in our external communications, PRIME has made a glossary of key terms to be used in the reporting: PRIME Glossary of terms

PRIME Newsletter 2016-Q1&2

In the first months of 2016 we made significant progress in analysing M&E as well survey data and consequently estimating the contribution of CBI and PUM. In addition, we presented our work to various interested parties and conducted a second … read more »

PRIME Newsletter 2015-Q4

In the fourth quarter of 2015, we launched the first online expert survey among PUM experts, thus giving us insight into more than 1,000 SMEs that have been supported between 2014 and 2015. Two research briefs were written based on … read more »

PRIME Newsletter 2015-Q2&3

In the second and third quarter of 2015 PRIME designed, implemented and analysed various online surveys. Moreover, the case study interviews have been processed with the qualitative software (Atlas.ti). Additionally, the PRIME research team developed the research methodologies for PRIME-ITC, … read more »

PRIME Research briefs on the characteristics of CBI and PUM supported firms

Prime analysed the data  in  CBI and PUM’s monitoring and evaluation units in order to explore for differences between supported firms and make a typology to be used in future analyses. From 2015 onwards, additional data is collected and the M&E … read more »

PRIME Research Brief on qualitative case study methodology

Author: Giel Ton – LEI Wageningen UR To gain insights in the effectiveness of CBI and PUM activities, we use qualitative research to identify the processes and dynamics that take place during and after the support trajectory and which influence … read more »

Mission briefing Indonesia

The PRIME research team has conducted the first mission for the case study of private sector support in the Aquaculture adn Fishery sector in Indonesia. This briefing note provides: (i) insight into the sector choice based on the preparatory feasibility … read more »