Case studies

We have conducted qualitative research to identify the processes and mechanisms in the client selection and support trajectory of CBI and PUM. This qualitative research gives us a better understanding of the context in which the interventions take place and a more concrete micro-level understanding of the characteristics of the interventions and the barriers and enablers to the effectiveness of the support. This qualitative research on processes and mechanisms is complemented with quantitative survey research in the same sector/country to assess differences in characteristics and performance in supported versus unsupported companies. The methodology is described in a research brief that can be downloaded here: PRIME┬áResearch Brief 4 – Qualitative case study methodology

Country selection

The case studies serve to provide insights in the diversity of impacts across different sectors and countries. In order to select the six case-studies, the following criteria for country/sector selection where used:

  • Cover all continents
  • Cover least-developed, lower income and middle income countries.
  • Cover different sectors where synergy of PUM and CBI activities can be expected.

Sector selection

Based on a preparation desk study a specific sector in these countries will be selected. The selection of this sector is partly based on the criteria of diversity, synergy between CBI & PUM activities, and partly on the basis of a expected sample size for additional survey research . It is projected that each of the selected countries will be visited at least three times in the period 2014-2017.